Enforcement Procedures Investigative

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This course is designed to ensure that all professional/technical personnel in the Motor Carrier Compliance and Enforcement Program have a uniform understanding of the relationship between the Federal Motor Carrier Safety and the Hazardous Materials (HM) regulations and the various requirements of proof necessary to sustain successful prosecution of alleged violations of those regulations.

Continuous Learning Points Awarded: 
40 Hours
Target Audience: 
Certified Safety Investigators; Safety Auditors and Federal Program Specialists
Course Number: 
Academy 006
Prerequisites for Attendance: 
Certified Safety Investigators Federal Program Specialists. Host agencies shall provide students with (or require students to bring) the most current version of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
Upon completion of the course, the participants should have a better understanding of: 1. evidence needed to prove various types of violations; 2. how and where evidence may be obtained; 3. alternate means of providing violations where documentary evidence is not available; 4. investigative procedures and the techniques and evidence necessary to proceed under any of the enforcement remedies used, i.e., civil forfeiture, criminal prosecution, and compliance orders. 5. intervention proceedings on permanent authority applications and preparation of case work for such proceedings.


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