FMCSA National Training Center

The National Training Center (NTC) serves as the national focal point for the development and delivery of motor carrier safety training to enhance the capabilities of participating Federal, State, and local government officials. The fundamental goal of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is to reduce fatalities, injuries, and commercial vehicle crashes. The mission of the NTC is to provide high quality motor carrier safety and law enforcement training to its customers to assist us in achieving our goal.

Upcoming Classes

Title Class Date
Commercial Enforcement and Consumer Protection (CECP) in Vienna, Virginia on 6/3/24 6/3/24 to 6/7/24
Passenger Carrier Vehicle Inspection (PCVI) in Phoenix, Arizona on 6/4/24 6/4/24 to 6/6/24
DIAP 24 Hour in Dover, Delaware on 6/4/24 6/4/24 to 6/6/24
DIAP 24 Hour in East Boston, Massachusetts on 6/25/24 6/25/24 to 6/27/24
DIAP 24 Hour in Sacramento, California on 7/9/24 7/9/24 to 7/11/24
DIAP 24 Hour in Edison, New Jersey on 7/10/24 7/10/24 to 7/12/24
General Hazardous Materials in Phoenix, Arizona on 7/15/24 7/15/24 to 7/19/24
DIAP 24 Hour in Greenfield, Indiana on 7/15/24 7/15/24 to 7/17/24
Skill Performance Evaluation in Concord, New Hampshire on 7/16/24 7/16/24 to 7/18/24
Skill Performance Evaluation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on 8/6/24 8/6/24 to 8/8/24